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   I have completed all my house work for the day!!!! Yeeh Me!!!! I have my last load of clothes in the wash, I have just a few to iron, which can wait till tomorrow. What will I do all day!?!?!?!
   My laptop in not feeling well It tries to boot up, but it can not for some reason! Poor thing needs to go to the hospital for a bit! I will miss my lil friend! I am stuck at Lovie's desk for now! I had to reset most of my program and thingies, I have EVERYTHING on my laptop! Booo hoooo hoooo........Please say a lil prayer for my dear friend!
   We had a good wkend at the campground. The kid were with Momma, they had a fun time with us! Friday night we went into the next town to eat at Ground Patti, VERRA yummy indeed! Saturday Momma and I took Taylor and Mikayla to Dollar General to let them spend their Uncle Cooter money. Taylor had a ball spending his money, he had a variety of things! Mikayla got a Elmo umbrella to shade her from the sun, TOO CUTE! And other goodies too!
   Saturday night we went to eat in town, we all saved room for dessert, while we were waiting on it Taylor told us " I am gonna get bored just sitting here ya know" !!!!! Lil stinker he ordered dessert also, but" WE" were making him wait! Us girls and Taylor went to CVS to get some girly items, I think we looked at every makeup item they had!!!! Taylor bought an remote control whoopie cushion, we were ROLLING laughing!!!!!
   Sunday we cooked hamburger (well the boys cooked) on the grill. Our friends came over to eat with us. After filling our tummies we all decided to pack up and head home! Good wkend!
   I had BB6 on yesterday while playing a game, they were FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cussing each other, calling names, BAD FIGHT! Howie was the worst on, he was SOOO ANGRY! I will be GLUED infront of the TV tonight! I am lost at what will be happening too, since my laptop is sick!
   Look at what my Lovie fixed for me last night! OMG was this YUM-MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna run for now, have a giggly day!

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