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   Late Happy 4th! We had a busy hot wkend at the campground. We went out on Friday, went to dinner that night with the family then all went to bed early. Saturday we stayed busy most of the day with taking pics. Sunday was the same...busy, busy... They had a Mr & Ms "confused" contest...well...I dressed like my brother-in-law and won 2nd place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lookie!!!

   I had too much fun being "Cooter"! Everyone was laughing their heads off!!! They all said I should have won 1st place, but oh well I had a ball !!!!!
   I went to the doctor Thursday with my throat hurting, not hurt when I swallow hurt, but verra tender on the outside to touch my neck area. My doctor gave me some MEGA antibiotics and told me I was lop sided in there!!! I have to go back if it does not get better. My tonsil is still big, so I guess I will be going back in, but he is laying on the beach in Destin for the week!!! I WANNA LAY ON THE BEACH!!!!! SOON, I see the beach in my near future!!!!!
   My brother-in-laws Dad is going to have a scoop done in the morning, his doctor thinks he has cancer. They found a tumor on his liver and a spot on his pancreas, his tummy is inlarged from th eliver being inlarged. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I pray it i snot cancer! That family has been through enough!
   Lovie and I played duck and hide in Wal Mart this afternoon!!! ~*giggle*~ We did not want to "visit" with a certain someone! Well I am off to bed to watch my nighly shows...Have a giggly night on your end!

P.S. is this not the cutest bathing beauty you have ever seen?!?!?!?! I think yes!

P.S.S. Tropical Storm Cindy did not affect our area!!! Yahoo!!! Now Dennis on the other hand we are watching him! Goodnight!

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