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   Last night Lovie and I went out to Mr. Oscar's to bring some munchies and visit with him. The family was going to have him a party for his birthday but they canceled it. He is not doing well at all. I was so glad it was cancel, he is in no shape for it, he need his family around not a bunch of outsiders.We went back to visit with him for awhile, but I am not sure if he knew who we were. He looked at us, but I could not tell. Chris and I hugged and kissed him. This is the hardest thing, I do not know how my Uncle went through this for 2 and 1/2 years! My heart is so broken! To see him laying there without a smile on his face is so sad. I have never seen him without a smile or cracking some wise crack!
   To see a man that I have looked at all my life as big and strong and can handle just about anything and fix anything so frail and weak is not fair! My heart hurts so bad.


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