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I bought the cutest beach blanket today!! It has a on the front, you unzip the tote and it turns into the blanket!! I am SOOOO ready for beach bingo now!!!!!

We are going to Biloxi this wkend, but we do not go down on the beach, the water is always nasty! But we do go to the pool...And to the casinos!!!! And then shopping, you can not go on a mini vaca and not go shopping!!! I love the souvenir shops! We also like to sight see, if you are in the area let me suggest the riding history tour! We did it a couple of years ago and LOVED it! Go to the visitors center and get a map and get going, you will have fun!
   Last night a person from our past (from when we lived in GA) called to invite Lovie (I WAS NOT INVITED HA!) to come to his Dad's to visit them. He was polite and told them no thank you, he had just gotten home and was settling in for the night, AS IF, he would have not gone anyway! After the way this person treated me, they WILL NEVER have the pleasure of our company!
   Lovie and I went pool shopping this afternoon. We went to Target. The had a great sale going on, we got the pool Lovie wanted for $50 off!! Click HERE to see it! I can not wait to dive in, Lovie put it up when we got home, and it is filling with water as we speak!! I am sure it will be Monday before I get in, since I have to pack and all...
   I am hitting the hay early tonight, I have not been geting to sleep till after midnight for the past several nights! Have a giggly night!

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