7:45pm      55

   Momma and I went to the campground today to get the things we both had forgotten in our campers. We went into town first to have lunch, of course it was Chinese!! VERRA YUMMY! We went into a Goody's store in that shopping center. Neither one of us had every shopped in a Goody's before, OMG we feel in love!!! Their prices were out of this world on name brands!!!! I bought a skirt, sweater, rugby shirt, pink velour suit, a pair of boots, santa decoration, santa salt and pepper shakers all for $118!!!!! I will have to take a pic of my boots and post it, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Momma got a GREAT deal on a purse that was $39.99 for $14!!! WOW!
   Did you notice the temp for here?!?! 55 outside! Yahoo! The cool weather finally got here! Momma and I did not get hot at all today!
   Well it is movie time and this post is taking me forever since I keep looking at the TV, CSI is on!!! I am gone to make hot chocolate and watch TV then a movie! Have a great night!

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