Well hello! Long time no...I am so ashamed! I have not had a great month what so ever! I was in alot of pain with my tooth ordeal, but that is all done with now! Thank goodness!
   We had a great Halloween! It was verra busy with three wkends in a row, but fun! We ate WAY TOO much candy! But what is Halloween without candy!!! lol
   We have a wedding to go to Friday night. Then Saturday night we are going to the State Fair! I can not wait to eat a corn dog, cotton candy, caramel apple, shrimp on a stick, a frozen chocolate bana...I think I am getting carried away!!!!! LOL But fair food is one of my BIGGEST weakness'! I do not like the rides anymore in my old age, but love the side shows, what there is left of them!
   Lovie bought us a new TV, a HDTV 36" true flat! I LOVE IT!!! DVD's look GREAT on it! Lovie went tonight and got us Garfield!!! I will let you know if it is good.
   Well going to watch TV and eat dinner, have great night. Our temps are suppose to drop tonight to the 50's!! I can not wait! Going to snuggle tonight!

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