Oh the heat is bad! The high today was 91! Aghw! The heat will stick around awhile longer. I am so ready to wrap up in a blanket next to a fire! This heat is not good for my breathing! I Had a VERRA tight chest today!
   I watch Montel WIlliams today with Ron Lester. WOW! He lost 348lbs!!!! He was 508lbs! As he told his story you could see in his eyes the sadness! He had flat lined on the OR table while having his gastric bypass! He had two surgeries to loss all the weight and cosmetic surgery for the loose skin! He looks great! Go Ron!!!!
   My ice cream fairy came for a another visit today!!! ~*giggle*~ I better enjoy it now, because I really do not think Baskin Robbins and a Atkins life style go together!!!!
   Not much on the boob tube tonight, Amish in the City is coming on at 7pm, but I really want to watch Joined for Life, a story about conjoined twins. So...it will be flip night!!
   I am ready to go to the campground! I haven't even began to pack yet, but ready to go. I get like this when it is getting close to fall. I am SOOOOOOO ready to pull out the Halloween and Fall stuff to decorate!!! But that will have to wait till the end of September!
   Well, I have 8 cigs left in my pack! My Lovie bought the patch for me today! So...this is it! I am SOOOOOO ready to be smoke free. This will be my fifth time to try, but I HAVE to do it this time! For someone that HATES that they smoke, it seems like it would be so easy to quit right? Ha! Not with all the crap they put in the stupid things! Did you know that cigarettes are 1000 times more addictive than crack cocaine? And 10,000 times hard to quit than crack! OMG, how am I gonna do it!?!?!?! I just have to keep telling my self, breath, breath, feel that tightness, DON'T SMOKE to make it stop!!!!!!! Any kind word of encouragement would be welcomed!!!!!

I really need -

Have a great Hump Day night!

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