I am feeling a little better, if only the sinus infection would go away! I have been having sinus pressure in my jaw bones! OUCHIE!
   I watched Big Bounce today while taking my rest on the sofa! I like Owen Wilson! But...the way he holds his mouth drives me nutty, it looks sooo dumb! It is that model pursed look! Aghw! Stop that Owen! The movie was great, what a location! The scenery was GREAT!
Good movie!
   Last night we watch Peter Pan! WOW! I loved it! If you have not seen it, it is worth watching!
GREAT movie!
   My Lovie is grilling us some hot dogs, yummy! We have three movies to watch tonight, since nothing we like is coming on TV!

Have a giggly night!
for the laptop to arrive! Oh where, Oh where is that UPS truck!?

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