I watched the final episode of The Simple Life 2 last night...I was very disappointed with the show! Each episode looked to made up and staged! Last night they were suppose to be deputies for the day! Like ANY city in the USA would put these two girls in a cop car and turn them loose to give out tickets! Yeah OK!!!! That was very believable, yeah uh huh! The sheriff had this smile on his face while "fussing" them for what they had done! Last year the show was funny, this year...Hopefully it will be the last, hate to say that, but it was that bad! Sorry Paris and Nicole, but it was not "Hot"!
   We watched Starsky & Hutch. I had thought this would be a really dumb one. My Lovie saw it on the shelf for about two weeks now, and thought the same as me, because there were hardly any copies missing! Well we both we surprised! It was good! It did have it kinda goofy dumb moments, but really good!
Good movie!
   My chest is hurting again! I used my inhaler two times yesterday and had to use it this morning! I have a doctor appointment in the morning for 8:45! I hope the worst is over! But the way I am feeling...I do not think it is!
   We will be headed to the campground after the doctor, My Lovie will work that area the rest of the day! I am sooo excited to get the wireless router hooked up so we can get online there!!!! Yahoo!!!!!
   Back to my house work! I folded clothes this morning, now I have to put them away! YUCK! I hate putting them away! Momma said Taylor has been helping her by folding her clothes for her! I told her to Send him to my house!!! ~*giggle*~ I saw a contest online to win maid service for a year! Oh how nice would that be!?!?!?

Have a giggly day!

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