It is after seven pm and it is 93 outside! Man it is getting hotter and hotter! We just watched 50 First Dates! Too funny and moving all in the same time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam Sandler! He is a riot! This was a love comedy with alot of meaning to it! Very moving!
Great Movie!
   And of all nights to watch it, this is the 12 anniversary of when I meet My Lovie! But...~*giggle*~! we BOTH forgot! His manager called tonight and asked "what happened on this date in 1992?" Chris started searching the net!! LOL He said "hurricane Andrew?" I laughed and it hit me like a ton of bricks, so I played it cool ! I told him "You better remember what today is!" ~*giggle*! I had to tell him...Men! It seems like yesterday that we meet, how times flies when you are in love!
   It is 15 minutes till the Simple Life 2!!!!

Have a giggly night!


  1. I'll share some of my 63 degrees with ya, not a whole lot though because I can not stand much over 80.

    Happy Meeting Anniversary!

    *HUGS* Paula

  2. Hi Jeauxdi ... wow that is hot ... when is the heat ever gonna end ... i loved 50 first dates ... hope you enjoyed your Simple Life 2 :) ... Happy Anniversary to you and your lovie ... can't believe that it slipped by yall ;) ... i love you bear it's so cute :)

  3. Hiya hun, Happy Anniversary!! Jay has it figured that when you meet you have that anniversary, then once you get engaged you don't have to celebrate that one anymore because you have an engagement, then once your married you have your wedding anniversary, he's wrong but that's okay LOL. I've been wanting to see 50 First Dates, next time I'm at the store I'm going to look for, the previews were hilarious. Aahh Paris and Nicole what a blast! Jay still says he doesn't like it but every Wednesday he's right there on the couch watching it with me and I he even lets out a few laughs, I think he's in denial lol. Have a great Thursday *hugs*


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