Well it is off to the campground for us, I will audio post while I am gone! Gone till Sunday, no computer!!! I am going to be lost! But not for long, my laptop will be here next week!!!!
My Lovie will be working that area Thurs and Fri, so we are staying the rest of the week! We are going to a birthday dinner for one of the Happy Campers tonight in New Orleans, it will be 18 of us! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
   My Lovie is gone to Cingular to get his phone looked at. For two days now it will only let him talk about 2 minutes at a time! Really aggravating! Hopefully they can fix it! We need to get on the rode!!!!!
   I watched Calendar Girls yesterday. It was kind of hard to follow with the english accents, soethings you missed! LOL But the story line was wonderful!
Good Movie

Have a great rest of your week and wkend!

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