It is COOL today!!! The humidity has let up a bit and the temp, did you notice it?!? 87!! WOW! I am sooo ready for fall.
   Today I got the poo scared out of me! LOL I heard a RUMBLE in my driveway, the puppies went crazy barking, I jumped up to see what it was! It was one of the motorcycle cops!!! He was going to run radar. Gheeeez!
   Two more joined him, they gave tickets and warning out left and right! I do not see how hard it is to go the speed limit!!! Our sped limit on our road is 25MPH, they will not stop you for going 35MPH but over that, they will get cha! Just slow down please!!!! This is not a nascar!
   We have had two accidents in our yard already thank goodness no one was hurt in them! ANd I am sure the alcohol didn't help them any! The first one the kid was doing 98MPH, how they were not hurt! God was watching out for those two!
   Well guess I need to get my wash done since we are leaving for the campground on Wednesday!

Have a giggly rest of you day!

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