95 (heat index 111, now that's HOT)

Another hot day! If it gets any hotter, I think we'll burst into flames! Thank goodness for swimming pools, the only way to spend a hot hummid day!
So did you watch The Simple Life 2? What a hoot! I could not beleive my eyes when the old cowboy put those chaps on! OMG Give me a break! Get real already!
I loved the way they could get money from anybody, and when Nicole did her lil dance at the toll booth......TOO CUTE! I can not wait for the next episode to come on!!! I will be buying this on DVD!!!!
Well gotta run for now, need to get my ironing done, so I can pack for the campground!!! My Lovie is gonna work for my brother-in-law again tonight, so I will be on here later taters!

Have a giggly day!

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  1. Hiya Jeauxdi, thanks for stopping by my blog. You know I never did get into the first season of The Simple Life until about two weeks ago. Then they were showing like a marathon of the shows from the first season. I'm so addicted now. . I love the start to this second season. Jay thinks I've lost my mind but I love it!! LOL. Hope your having a great Thursday *hugs*


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