Oh HOW BUMBED AM I! The Simple Life DOES NOT come on again tonight, I have no idea where I got that from, maybe wishful thinking?!?!

My Day:
woke up
made coffee
took pups to potty
drank coffee while checking e-mail
posted my meme's
made bed
walked on treadmill
put clothes to wash
put another coat on nails
poked around on internet while nails dried! (good excuse anyway ha!ha!)
scrambled eggs for my sandwhich for lunch
joined FitDay
talked on the phone to My Lovie
changed clothes in wash
surfed the web again...
folded clothes
talked to My Lovie again...
did 20 minutes of stress releife yoga!!! GO ME! GO ME!
changed clothes in AGAIN...
folded MORE clothes
surfed the WORLD WIDE WEB yet again...
My Lovie came home
talked on the phone with Tink
soaked in a bubbly bath...oh how sweet it is!
floded more clothes...
ate dinner

Now I am going to nestle down with my book and watch soem TV! Have a giggly night!!!

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