I went for an eye exam yesterday, my eyes have not changed too much! I ordered my glasses, they are a plum purple color frames, small oval. They will not be ready for 5 - 7 days! Come to think of it each time I have ordered glasses I have had to wait and there was a Biloxi trip in between!!! Strange!
Today I have to straighten the house, iron clothes, and clean the camper, then pack the camper! The pantry in the camper needs to be cleaned out soooo bad, so that is my main goal today to get it organized!
The pool is ready for swimming!!! I didn't think it would come clean after sitting with the leave that got in it, but crystal clear!!! Yahoooo!!! I am ready to tan this old hide of mine!!
Well better get busy on my cleaning! Have a giggly day!

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