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Comments -n- Tags:

Do you always tag or leave a comment when you visit someone's blog? most of the time

Do you feel you get a lot of tags and or comments from your visitors? not always

Have you had days where no one tags you or leaves any comments? yes

Do you feel bad when those days occur? yes

Have your feelings ever been hurt to see you have been removed from someone's reads? never noticed

Do you feel you visit your reads enough? yes

Do you feel like you are the one who is always tagging and or leaving comments and you are not getting any in return? sometimes

Do you feel some of the tags you getting are standard and they didn't really read your blog? no

Do you have your blog for your own reasons and if people tag you that's fine and if they don't that is fine too? kinda

Do you ever have days where you wonder why you even have a blog to begin with? no

Have you ever had an unkind tag by an anonymous person? yes

Do you feel pressured to blog every night so as you don't loose your blog friends? yes

How often do you visit your reads? every other day

Do you feel you at least visit your whole list of reads once a week? no

Have you ever added someone to your reads because you didn't want to hurt there feelings? no

Do you feel your list of reads is out of control and there is no way you would have enough time to visit them all on a regular basis? no

Do you feel you are a good blog friend or do you think you can be a better blog friend? I NEED to be better!

Have a giggly day!

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