Lucy Moment!
I was all ready to do my ironing yesterday, iron was hot , had water in it, ready to go! Well, I was gonna move the cloths that needed ironing off the ironing board and the iron feel off!!!!!!
It hung it self by the cord!! It has a safety cut off, it went off but the light was flashing like a disco ball, I picked it up and put it back on the board, I turned back on and the flashing continued! I guess the wired came lose in there!? Chris fixed it for me thank goodness!!! So it is ironing and packing today for me!
Lucy Moment 2!!
My friend e-mailed today asking "since when it St Patrick's Day on the 14th?" I am a webmaster for a page for the perm campers at the campground, and I always put a calendar on the page and print on out to go with the monthly newspaper I write. Well......... I had put St. Patty's on the 14th!!!!! On the printed calendar I forgot to change the month, it still had February on it!!!! Oh lord help me! I am telling you I went blonde for reasons, not pleasure!!!!

Have a giggly day!

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