The weather is soooo strange today, it is raining and very humid! We are under a tornado watch till noon! The sky was green earlier this morning!
I am getting everything ready for Momma Linda & the girls to arrive tomorrow!! I ironed already this morning, not too much more, just waiting for it all to dry!
I am sooo sick of being sick! Everytime I turn around I am sick! I know I needed to get a flu shot, but I do not like to get shots! I am a sissy when it come to that! Noise is stopped up, throat hurts, head fills like a ballon filled with water, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
It is almost that time of year angain!!!! Time for Mardi Gras and crawfish!!! Of course we have had crawfish once already, and they were YUMMY! But some of them were mushie, due to it being right a the start of the season and some are still molting!!!
Gotta get these clthes folded! Have a giggly day! Mine will be wet!!!!!

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