Good Morning!
We are going camping today, I hope the water has gone down! It was my brother-in-law's birthday Wednesday so we will be celebrating this wkend!!!
I started using Crest Night Effect's Whitening Gel Monday night. It is like was over your teeth, it does not taste bad, it is minty, just feels strange! When you brush it off in the morning your teeth are shiny like glass!! And my teeth are getting whiter!!!!
I high lighted my hair last night, boy did it need it! It is blonde again!! YEAH!!! Chris help me pull it through will we watch The Surreal Life.
Last night was the last night for The Surreal Life, kinda sad it is over, but kinda glad! I love any reality show! I have grown to love Tammy Faye! She is the most caring person! I never knew that! Goes to prove you can not judge a book by it's cover!
Need to get busy packing, we are leaving around noon! Have a giggly wkend!

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