8:03 pm
Christmas in Rockefeller Center......one day I will wistness this for myself! I watch this every year and dream of being there !
I painted most of the day and talked on the phone with my sister Tink! We get on the phone and it is hours before we can get it all said!!! We talked about anything and everything today, the weather, what we had been watching on TV, recipes, shopping ect... Good talk.
"Belle" is going for her "day of beauty" in the morning! I don't like when she is gone all day! I miss her, but I think "Lexi" misses her even more! I know she will be in my lap till "Belle" gets home! But is so worth her going, she is soooooo beautiful when they get done with her bath, haircut, maicure, and bows in her hair!!! What a lil Miss America!!!
Well going surfing!!! Have a good night!

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