My Lovie is home sick with the flu! I know I am getting it, I can feel it! I just gave him some TheraFlu and put him to bed for a nap! I think I just might join him!
Mikayla came home Friday ngiht from the hospital! Poor lil angle has bruises on her little hand and arms from the IV's. But she is in the clear! The power of prayer is amazing! Momma and Pawpaw are feeling somewhat better, both of them still are coughing really bad.
We went to the Perm Christmas Party at the campground, it was really nice. We had a great time, and recieved really cool gifts! Chris recieved a tool kit for the car, which he really needed!! I recieved a massaging pig!!!! It is TOO great!
Well off for a nap with My Lovie!!

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