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Oh well Big Brother 4 is over, now I can't wait till next years episodes!!! Just one thing bothers me, niether one of those two girl should have won anything!

Read this:
On September 15, a serious and disturbing line was crossed.
During one of their "bashing sessions" Jun turned the focus on Robert's daughter Elena, calling the seven year old girl a "b-tch" and threatening to destroy the hand-made gifts to her father. (See the insert at right for more on this)
Live-feed viewers say it only gets worse; as Alison was reportedly seem holding a bottle. Wielding it as a knife, she then said she was going to kill Robert's daughter.

The following is from an Online article based on live feeds. Click here to read the full article.

"Enraged over Roman trying to split their alliance up by pitting one against the other, Alison and Jun went on a verbal tirade against him as they exercised alone in the backyard. Robert was inside the house and out of earshot.

"I want to put my fist through his face," said Alison as she jogged with some weights.

Jun threatened to destroy a present Robert had made for his young daughter.

"That bitch is never going to see it," said Jun. "Elena's butterfly? I'm sorry that b--ch can forget about that f---ing butterfly. I'll tear that s--t apart."

Robert has won all of the America's Choice competitions voted on by this year's viewers and has received a phone call and letters from his daughter as prizes.

Still seething over Robert's manipulations, Jun leveled personal attacks against Robert's Cuban heritage and his family.

"His father should've stayed in Cuba. His family is like...No speaky English," Jun said to Alison. They both agreed to send Robert "back on a boat to Cuba" during this week's live eviction vote.

"I vote to evict your sorry motherf---ing Cuban --s out," said Alison of how she wants to humiliate Robert on the live broadcast Wednesday night.

This is not the first time Jun and Alison have directed racial remarks towards the former restaurant manager. A few nights ago, Alison called Robert a "Cuban f---ot" when she alerted him of a producer's request that he go to the Diary Room, a private confessional room in the 'Big Brother' house.

CBS has not aired any of Jun or Alison's past off-colour remarks on the "Big Brother 4" television series.

As if enjoying watching Robert in misery was not enough for these two? This is a seven year old girl! This behavior is unacceptable and not at all necessary.


You can go to the CBS site itself, scroll to the bottom and click on and fill out the 'FeedBack' form.

You can boycott viewing the show (very effective if you have a Nielson box) and you can cancel your RealPlayer live-feeds. However.....

Nothing will express you dismay more effectively than contacting any sponsors you see advertising on BB4! Burger King and Coca-Cola are just two of the sponsors who would like to know if their products should be associated with Alison and Jun?

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