11:01 am
Yesterday was my birthday!!! I had numerous phone calls, e-cards, three gifts and birthday wishes over the computer!!!! My Love had a surprise party for me at the campground Saturday night! I had no idea!!! I recieved lots of gifts from my friends and family!! My Love gave me a ring with diamonds and it has Love with Hearts on the sides!!! It is beautiful!
Aaron Foret and the Swamp Pop Band played Saturday night, they annouced SOOOOOOO many birthdays! It was at least 20! It will be a birthday I will never forget!
I am doing my ironing today, I know late in the week!!! I haven't been feeling to good all week! I have not walked on the treadmill and I have been napping alot! Just a yuckie feeling! But hopefully I will be better soon, I know going to the campground will help!!!!
Well need to get ironing and packing done, so I can bath the puppies this afternoon!!! Have a giggley day!

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