10:21 am

Well, I am not doing to well with the smoking! The medicine was keeping me zoned out and depressed!! So I quit taking it, and I am smoking some!! BUMMER!
We are planing a trip for next August to Cancun!!! We are going with a group of friend from the campground we go to! It is going to be too much fun!
Chris, my sister, a friend and myself have started the Atkins diet. So far so good, but we all have some foods that we have to get ride of before we can really get gung ho with it!!! It doesn't seem like ti is going to be too hard, all but NO bread, rice potatos, and NO Dr.Pepper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will be my most difficult thing the DP! But I am going to do it!!!
Going to get in the shower and do my yoga!!!

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