Okay!! I think this is working!
We had a great time for the forth, even with all the mud!!! The river came to almost 21!!! The flood stage is 15! Our porch went half under water! We lost some stuff that was in our cabinets outside! But it sure didn't damper anyone's spirits! Of course we all ate way too much, but everuthing was soooo good! My brother cooked a drunken chicken, the meat was falling off the bones! Yummy! Hidden Oaks Pictures!
We maybe moving on my sister's lot infront of us in a few months! They will be moving acroos the street from us to a really nice lot that is all covered with a kitchen area, porch swing and all !!!!!!! TOO NICE! I hope they get it! I like where we all are, but I think it would be better for us moving!
Chris my Love was going to pick his Momma up from the camp on Sunday to spend the night at the campground with us, but the river changed our plans! It was coming back up yesterday! It crested at 17 this time, but we were taking no chances! We brouth the camper home for 3wks! Chri si sworking this wkend and we are going to Biloxi the next! So Chris went over to Pawpaw's to pick up Momma Linda. We orded and watched a movie! We all went to bed early since she was to be at the NO airport for her 7:30am flight!!!!
Well I guess I'll close for now! Now that my blog is up and running I will be back!!!

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