oh boy!
My Love was laid off today! His employer said he couldn't afford to pay him, that they are a small business!! With that attitude they will STAY a "small business"! I will not cry in front of My Love! But I have been crying for him, I know how hard this is for him! Two time in one year laid off!!! I have faith that he will find something, he is a great and hard worker! He deserves so much more than what Coastal Supply could ever offer him!
We are staying home this wkend!! We plan on doing yard work for a change!!! Yeah! "FUN STUFF" yeah right! But the grass does need to be mowed! And the pool needs to be vacuumed! So......no campground for us this wkend! We had planed on going to Biloxi the next wkend, but we may just go to the campground!? Not sure yet, we'll see how it goes!!!
Please wish My Love luck, say a prayer, keep him in your thoughts,do a dance, ect...
Giggles (I guess)

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