Chris My Love got a good job offer today!!! He is going to New Orleans tomorrow at 2pm for the interview! I hope he get it, he seems like he really wants it, but there is two things!!! 1) you have to use your own car, but they give car allowance 2) it is commission only!!!!! but they have a good sales route already!!!! And it is in Baton Rouge!!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!!
I created a page today for Hidden Oaks called the Hidden News. It is all the news from the campground, birthday's, pictures ect... I also am printed some out to put at the campground for people to read!!! Pretty cool.
I have been infront of this computer all day. Monday is my computer day, I updated all of the pages I tend to!!! Lot of work!!! But I am all done now!! Go me Go me!
Well going to watch tv!!!

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