I can not move very well this morning, as always! My back is so tight! This is about to drive me crazy!
I am on the Wellbutrin again! I am determined to quit smoking!!!! I stay depressed because I hate that I smoke! I have cut back alot already and this is my 7 day on it, it takes about a week to get in your system. So wish me luck, say a prayer, do a dance, what ever it takes! So incouraging thoughts from you would help too! I am going to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to dinner with so friends last night, Chris did some computer stuff for him and they took us to dinner. Went to Logans Road House, it was alright, but the were out of everything, no lemons, no caesar salad, not enough buffalo wings for two orders!!!!! But the service was really good I have to say!
Well not going to beable to get in the pool today, again! It is still green form all the rain! The chemicals are working over time in that green mess! Instead of a crystal blue pool I have swamp water! ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I need sun!!!!!!
Chris started his new job Monday. He loves it! The product are fantastic!!! The just about sell themselves! We tried the air freshener last night, WONDERFUL!!! No I know why hotels smell so clean!

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