We are home! We got in yesterday around 5pm! We had such a great time! We had a fish fry Friday night, BBQ Saturday night, and another fish fry Sunday! Chris and I stayed up late every night! Got up early every morning!!!! Me and my sister rode the golf carts all day and night! We laughed so much all weekend our jaws hurt!
I got in trouble twice on Saturday! I drove over the playground, knowing I was not suppose to, but dingy me, it didn't hit me till the owner was fussing me!!! (she was fussing me while laughing at me!!!!) Then she was hiding the easter eggs for the adult egg hunt nad I went through part of the edge of the field and there were eggs there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I got fussed again!!!!!!!!!! I told the owner I was going to my camper and turn in my keys! Thank goodness I didn't hit any eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like a fool! Then.......................... we were riding and I felt something warm hit my toes. a bird pooed on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCKIE POO!!!!!!!!!!!
Other than that we had a greast time! Lots of visiting with everyone!
Well I guess I better close this for now, I ned to get things moving around here, we have to go back to the campground tonight to get some stuff we forgot!!!!!

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