I Tattled:
What do you do for a living? I am a housewife
What time do you get up? 8 am
What time do you start? When ever
How long do you get for lunch? how ever long I want
What time do you get off of work? when I am ready
What do your parents do for a living? retired

Theme Thursday:

This weather is CRAZY! We are under a tornado watch! There are flood waters everywhere and the campground is going under too! We REALLY need to go move our camper, but My Lovie seems to think it will not get that high! I hope he is right! I would hate to wait till the last minute and not be able to get to it! The last time we waited My Lovie had to wade in the water to get it out! We needed the rain but NOT this much!
It has been 2 weeks since I kicked the Dr Pepper! The only time I drink it is when we go out to dinner, well..... we have been out alot lately! I had one the other night, and it was TOO sweet!!!! I thought I would NEVER say that, but it was! I am up to 6 bottled waters a day! Now if I could just kick the cig habit I would be doing great!!!!
A friend of ours gave us three doves, one white and two mixed ring necks. The mixed ones look pink in the sunlight, they are very pretty! I love to hear them coo! We are not sure what sex they are, I guess when we find eggs we'll know!!!
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